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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leitrim Alerts?
Leitrim Alerts is a new app that facilitates community alerts by sending these alerts straight to your phone and keeping you up to date on what is happening in your town or village.
How does Leitrim Alerts know which alerts to send me?
When you subscribe to Leitrim Alerts you choose a location (i.e. a community group) within County Leitrim, mostly likely this will be where you live. Alerts will then be sent to you only if they are relevant to your location, and therefore to you! You can also refine your location on a map to ensure you only receive relevant alerts about road closures, planning applications and other service updates from Leitrim County Council.
Is Leitrim Alerts free?
Leitrim Alerts is free for subscribers, with no subscription fee and no fee for any alerts you receive.
How do I receive my alerts?
Alerts will be received via the Leitrim Alerts app, as well as by SMS text messages and email – whichever you prefer.
What type of alerts can I receive?
Alerts will include updates on crime and safety, as well as updates from local community groups. You can also opt in to receive alerts from Leitrim County Council for service updates such as road closures, water outages, boil water updates, planning activityy, severe weather and more.